Summer Series 2021: Minor Prophets 1.0 – Habakkuk pt2: Woe Oracles – Pastor Greg Clark


Text: Habakkuk 2:6-20

The book of Habakkuk consists of a series of dialogues between the prophet Habakkuk and God that wrestle with the issue of God’s justice. Habakkuk is distinct from the other Prophetic Books in that it is predominantly composed of dialogues between the prophet and God. Although the book does not contain the type of preaching most commonly found in the Prophetic Books it is still presented as a word from God.

Understanding God’s justice is the central issue in Habakkuk. Faced with violence within Judah and God’s promise to raise up the Chaldeans in response Habakkuk struggles to understand how God can be just; how could he permit such abuses among and on his people? After all if God is good holy and just should not he keep his people from such experiences?