Children's Ministry

Children’s Ministry

The children at City View Church are on a three year journey though the whole Bible from a Gospel-Centered prospective. We believe that this next generation of disciples will be best equipped if they know how to see every situation life throws at them from a Christ-Centered perspective.

We want our kids to learn about the nature and character of God—that He is wise, generous, loving and good. We use an Interactive Curriculum designed by the people at The Gospel Project. We believe that one benefit to using this program is that our adult Small Groups use the Gospel Project for Adults. This allows parents to take the primary role of discipling their children. The kids hear the same story each Sunday that parents are studying all week long. We believe this provides opportunity for deep gospel-centered conversation to flow freely in the home.

Rhythm of Life - City View Church

No matter the age, discipleship is often difficult. We live in a busy world with very few opportunities to slow down and talk. We have learned from the people at Orange the art of utilizing regular daily rhythms in an intentional way.

Bus Stop
or Drop off Line

Send your child into their day with a word of encouragement and purpose.

Drive Time

Use this time to hear about their day and take opportunity to insert God’s story into their daily experience.

Dinner Time

This is a great time to talk through the lesson for the week. This shows that their lesson from the weekend is important all week long.

Bed Time

Utilize this time to teach your children o pray. This will look different at each stage of their spiritual development. You want to teach your children that God is more than just a Genie that gives them their wishes.