I Am Joseph: The Dreamer


We think we know the story of Joseph—the young man sold into slavery by his own brothers before rising to immense power over all of Egypt. But is it possible that we’ve missed the real story behind the story? Joseph is the final hero of faith set forth in the book of Genesis. Though his life represents one of the most compelling illustrations of godly character found anywhere in Scripture, his story contains a deeper lesson, far more valuable than recommendations of devout living.

Joseph is a figure of the coming Christ. His story is filled with clues and parallels that point us to Jesus. When we speak of Joseph, we speak of a blameless life. We speak of his father’s love. We speak of one sent for his lost brethren. We speak of one placed in the pit, stripped of his robe, and sold for silver, and delivered to the Gentiles. Then we speak of his life in the dark land of Egypt. Then we speak of his Gentile bride, his elevation to the kingship of the land. And finally, of the revelation of who he is to his brethren who have been saved from death through him.